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Restaurant Photography
The Short + Sweet | $350
  • 2-hour photo shoot 
  • Great for capturing new menu items, specials, and action/BTS moments
  • Chef portfolio dishes and chef portraits
  • Provides 10 of your favourite edited images
The Half Day
  • 4-5 hour photo shoot 
  • Ideal for keeping monthly social media content calendars and email campaigns updated and seasonal specials
The Full Day
  • 8- hour photo shoot
  • Best suited for new menus and website images

Product photography is great for getting your new products shot wihtout needing someone to come on site. These shoots are ideal for:

  • New product launches
  • Special holiday campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing

Contact for pricing.


Branded recipe creation where we make your product tell a story and engage your audience in an effortlessly authentic way.

  • This recipe could be posted to your social media, company blog, or email newsletters
  • Recipe services provide 2-3 product images
  • Recipes may be shot in UGC-style upon request

    Contact for pricing.

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