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Meet The Creative Mind

Aimee Wera


Aimee, is a Food & Product Photographer in St.Petersburg, Florida. She provides brands in the Tampa Bay area and beyond with a unique storytelling photography style that captures the essence of their food and products and creates an authentic experience for their audiences.

Her past experiences involve collaborating with marketing agencies on campaigns, working with local restaurant groups in the Tampa Bay area, and lending her style to e-commerce business owners. 

Clients work with Aimee to connect with their audience on a deeper level with the help of her artistic eye. Aimee’s photography style focuses on using textures, composition, and lighting techniques that lean on brand personality to deliver images and recipes that align with each brand’s strategy.

When Aimee isn’t working with clients you can find her admiring the local art scene,travelling the globe (and tasting all of the local cuisines), and enjoying fitness.

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