About Aimee Wera

Food Photographer


Welcome fellow foodie, it’s nice to see you. My name is Aimee Wera and I am an avid food photographer, recipe creator, and food stylist in the making.

I started my journey in food photography almost 3 years ago after starting my recipe blog. After adding a few recipes to my repertoire I ventured into shooting for e-commerce brands like The Lions Choice as well as in-store brands like Liz Anthony Nutrition. I soon found my way to working with local restaurants in the Tampa Bay area and fell in love with the Tampa community full of hard-working and kind-hearted restaurant owners.

As I venture further into my journey of food photography I hope to teach aspiring food photographers (or restaurant and brand owners) all my tips and tricks when it comes to composition, editing, and the props I use to create drool-worthy images. All of these resources may be found in my Food Photography tab for your viewing pleasure. 

If you fancy my work, I encourage you to reach out to me through my contact page to see how we can collaborate and work together!

Aimee Wera

Aimee Wera